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At April 30, 2015, the nombreuse Bank has a deferred income tax asset.7 million carte compared.9 million at carte the cartes end nike of nike the previous quarter and.8 million a year ago with the change as a result of the drawdown of loss carryforwards due.
Andrews, for example, the colleague Sustainability Team hosted open debates and pushed colleagues to nike propose reduction initiatives that their reduction department could then implement to reduction create savings.
Daily purchases are limited to 25 of the average daily trading volume (adtv which is 12,524 common shares, other than block purchase exceptions.Cash and securities, which are held primarily for liquidity purposes, totalled 152 million at the end oubliée of the current quarter compared to 184 million at the end of the previous quarter and 250 million a year ago.The provision for credit losses in the current quarter was 427,000 compared to 502,000 for the previous quarter and 267,000 a year ago.The Banks reduction total capital ratio was.15 at the end of the current quarter compared.23 at the end of the previous quarter and.37 last year. Related Party Transactions The Corporations and the Banks Board of Directors and Senior Executive Officers represent key management personnel.
Up to 3,300,000 of its Series C Notes representing.79 of the public float.

Controls and Procedures During the imprimer most recent interim period, there have been no changes in the calcul Corporations policies and procedures and other processes that jeunes comprise its internal control over financial reporting, that have materially affected, or are reasonably likely to materially affect, the code Corporations internal.Preferred share liabilities: At April 30, 2015, the minister Corporation has outstanding 1,894,058 (October 31, 2014 - 1,909,458) Class B Preferred Shares with a face value.4 million fillon (October 31, 2014.7 million) less unamortized jeunes issue costs.6 million (October 31, 2014.8 million).All individually significant loans found not to be specifically impaired and all loans which are not individually significant are then collectively assessed for impairment.Common shares outstanding at April 30, 2015 totalled 44,592,260 compared to 41,852,084 at the end of the previous quarter with the increase due to 2,740,176 shares issued as payment of the dividends on the Class B Preferred Shares.Consolidated Balance Sheets (Unaudited) (thousands of Canadian dollars) April 30 October 31 April 30 As at Assets Cash and cash equivalents 130,437 147,301 200,629 Securities (note 4) 22,737 48,800 51,384 Loans, net of allowance for credit losses (note 5) 1,344,181 1,224,247 1,107,349 Other assets 25,509.The Bank is in compliance with the new LCR requirements and is well positioned to comply with the new nsfr requirements.The amounts payable to counterparties bear interest at rates ranging from.97 -.95 and mature between 20Securitized insured mortgages with a carrying value.5 jeunes million and restricted cash totalling.8 million are pledged as collateral for these liabilities.Based on the deemed credit risk fillon for each type of asset, assets held by the Bank are assigned a weighting of 0 to 150 to determine the risk-based capital ratios.These interim Consolidated Financial price Statements should be read in conjunction with the Corporations audited Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended October 31, 2014.B) Basis of measurement: These interim Consolidated Financial Statements have been prepared on the historical cost basis except for securities designated as available-for-sale that are measured at fair value in the Consolidated Balance Sheets.At April 30, 2015, other liabilities totalled.5 million compared.7 million at the end of the previous quarter and.8 million a year ago with the increase from a year ago due to increased holdbacks associated with loans and leases sourced through the.As the first luxury hotel group to address climate change, Fairmont also worked with the WWF in achieving established greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, among other strategic initiatives.The Series C reduction Notes bear interest.00 per annum and allow the Corporation at its option, to pay interest on the Series C Notes either in cash or in-kind in the form of common shares of the Bank held by the Corporation.Fairmont joined Fortune 500 companies and other top businesses like The Coca-Cola Company, Johnson Johnson, and Nike to develop practical, cost-effective strategies that reduce emissions of CO2 and achieve energy efficiency solutions.The current level of cash and securities as a percentage of total assets is expected to be maintained in the coming months. These preferred shares qualify as Additional Tier 1 Capital (see Note 15).
The luxury hotel brand has expanded this commitment to include economic, environmental, and social programming through its Fairmont Sustainability Partnership.
The collective allowance may also be adjusted by management using its judgment taking into account other observable and unobservable factors.